Software development and computer science for embedded systems


We are engineers who use Rust to program microcontrollers to get incredible safety features without compromising performance.



SystemVolt is an engineering firm specialized in embedded systems development.

An embedded system is an autonomous electronic and computer system designed to address a specific task. Embedded systems are ubiquitous and play a big role in everyday life: smartphones, credit card, plane guiding system, cameras, drones, GPS, gaming consoles, robot vacuum cleaner, micro-wave oven, satellite…

At the edge of software and hardware, the engineering of sush systems with limited resources (low consumption, low memory capacity, real-time scheduling, security, robustness...) offers great challenges.

We bring support at all stages of your product development project: customer needs analysis, feasibility study, proof of concept, architecture definition, prototyping, study, hardware and software design, tests, industrialization support.

Our offer

We support electronics R&D teams in their transition to Rust.

Rust language

Rust is memory-safe and thread-safe. Its model guarantee enables you to eliminate many classes of bugs at compile-time. After more than 10 years of existence, Rust is now a promising alternative to C langugage.

C / C++ interoperability

Natives interfaces allow to reuse libraries or to make incremental evolutions. Rust seamlessly integrates with any existing SDK provided by your silicon manufacturer.


The commented and versionned source code is delivered at the end of the prestation along with conception documents to ease future evolutions and reusability.

What we do

Software architecture

The architecture is the root of every software development project. We can help you define the software components and their interfaces to ease the implementation of your project.

Firmware development

Embedded software development is our core business. We work of all types of instruction set architectures (ARM, PIC, RISC-V...)


SystemVolt provide support on your problematics resolution, whether hardware or software: technology or language selection, algorithm identification...

Technical training and audit

We bring a new point of view on your development and define good practices regarding the code structure or the establishment of a version control system.

An idea, a question, a project ?


SystemVolt is a design office specialized in the development of embedded systems. The company was founded by a qualified engineer, passionate about electronics and computer science. Our offer targets research and development teams that are facing a peak load or that do not have in-house skills for their development. We also work with start-ups who want to move from the Proof of Concept stage to the prototype or product stage.

We strongly believe in knowledge sharing. We accompany our clients throughout the projects so that they can appropriate the code and reuse it afterwards. Even when the service is over, we remain available to answer any questions that may arise.

With several years of experience in industrial circles and the graduation from an MBA, we are fully aware that the development of a product is not an end in itself but that it represents a step in its life cycle. All our studies are carried out anticipating as much as possible the industrialization and production of the devices. The sustainability of the considered solutions and the changes they may bring in the future guide our technological choices. We seek to optimize costs without compromising reliability..

We are convinced that the source code is an integral part of a company’s heritage. We share the philosophy of Rust designers by offering a clear and commented code, without duplication. We attach great importance the interfaces coherence.

SystemVolt is approved for research tax credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche or CIR) and innovation tax credit (Crédir d’impôt Innovation or CII). This approval, issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, recognizes the company’s ability to carry out research and development operations, prototypes design or pilot installation of new products on behalf of companies. For french customers, SystemVolt’s services may be taken into account in the calculation of the research or innovation tax credit base. 

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